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Anti-Swelling Ginger Detoxing Patch

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Anti-Swelling Ginger Detoxing Patch

While you sleep, this Anti-Swelling Ginger Detoxing Patch gives a healthy and quick detox to your body. From lowering inflammation to cleansing your body of all toxins, there's something for everyone-definitely an effective therapy for swollen ankles and legs.


Reduces Inflammation: As ginger contains chemicals that are antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial, this footpad is the best treatment for swollen ankles and legs.

Removes Body Toxins: Through the transdermal process, it helps to reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body and prevents the harmful effects that toxins.

Improves Blood Circulation and Metabolism: It also enhances blood circulation stimulates metabolism and burns more fat naturally.

Safe and Effective: Patches contain natural ingredients which stimulate acupuncture points through the combined action of ginger and bamboo vinegar.


Note: This is best to use one hour before bedtime.


10/20/30 pcs x Anti-Swelling Ginger Detoxing Patch

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