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PecBuilder™ EMS Chest Trainer for Men

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PecBuilder™ EMS Chest Trainer for Men

Join +10,000 satisfied men transforming their lives today!

“I exercise regularly and eat healthily, but I've always struggled with Gynecomastia. My friend told me about this chest training device, and I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and it's completely changed my life. It's been wonderful for my confidence. Highly recommend." - Francis Lev

"I am amazed at how well this EMS work, the PecBuilder™. I have struggled with excess chest fats my entire life. I was teased in high school and people would call me nips. After a month of use, the results are quite noticeable. The puffiness of my nipples has already begun to decrease." - Darwin Caleb


When men gain weight in their chests, it can create the appearance of enlarged breasts, or “man boobs.” Man boobs are caused by excess fat storage in the chest area, or as a result of a condition known as gynecomastia, which is a hormonal imbalance. Man boobs are very common, affecting 40-60% of men.

Targeting chest fat can be challenging. But with PecBuilder™  EMS Chest Trainer for Men, it’s possible to get rid of stubborn fat deposits on your chest.

PecBuilder™  EMS Chest Trainer for Men, The Ultimate Solution for Best Chest Muscle

PecBuilder™ has been in the electrostimulation game for years and is one of the most popular machines for health care professionals and elite athletes.

It is healthy fitness equipment technology that stimulates muscle movement during training to achieve a better fitness effect. It sends a signal directly to the muscles and promotes muscle movement through current stimulation.

You do not have to spend much time in the gym. A 20-minute workout with the EMS device corresponds to the stimulated muscle groups, approx. 2000m running, 100 Tricep Push, and 200 Dumbbell pullovers. 

6 modes provide different pulse frequencies and pulse modes for different body parts. Each program has 10 intensity levels to meet every need for muscle building. You can easily select a mode and intensity by simply pressing the buttons on the main unit.

See Jayson's 30 days of PecBuilder™  EMS Chest Trainer for Men

Jayson gained a belly for not working out. He also has huge man boobs. He wants to get rid of it, but nothing is working out. Until his friend told him about Chest Trainer. He bought it online and he is amazed by the result.

DAY 1: "I bought the trainer to add to my current training program. I'd say it is well worth it. The pads are versatile and the system is easy to use. Simply attach the control unit, stick the pad where you want, and switch it on. You can definitely feel it works."

DAY 15: "So far so good. I like it. I use it at work under my clothes. My work requires me to sit for long periods of time and they help a lot. I will keep using this because it is very comfortable."

DAY 30: "For 2 months of using this product, PecBuilder™  EMS Chest Trainer for Men is incredible. It actually works. I have this amazing body thanks to this chest trainer. I highly recommend this product for those who have chest problems." Jayson Clarkson ---  Newark, New Jersey

What makes PecBuilder™ a Great Choice?

  • Get rid of that man's boobs.
  • Achieve a Firmer Chest.
  • Avoid Expensive Sessions
  • Avoid time-consuming Appointments
  • Use in the Comfort of your own home, even in your travel
  • This machine promotes blood and lymph circulation
  • Prevents you from having deformed and flabby man boobs.

1/2/3sets x PecBuilder™ EMS Chest Trainer for Men

  • 1 x Massage Pad
  • 1 x Host Machine 
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable

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