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Lunez™ MoonCrystal Healing And Detoxification Bracelet

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Lunez™ MoonCrystal Healing And Detoxification Bracelet

Be the healthiest you in 4 weeks!

See the results of our satisfied customers

"I was astounded that the swelling in my body had really decreased. I always felt very insecure when wearing tight-fitting clothes because of my big belly, which made me look pregnant. After wearing Lunez™ Bracelet for the first 14 days, I noticed a decrease in body fluids in my abdomen. I've been wearing it for about 4 weeks now and my abdomen is back to normal!"—Savannah Hudson

“Thank you so much. I have suffered from a neck lump, swollen lymph nodes, and a bloated stomach for a few years. I have tried so many different things. This is the best lymph cure accessory. I wear it every day and notice that I don’t have any issues with swelling or inflammation. I seriously can’t thank you enough. By the way, regarding my swollen lymph on the side of my neck for a long time, that time I was constantly thinking I had lymphoma. I was skeptical but I still, buy this. 3 weeks in and it's pretty much back to normal. The whole area feels better. Try it!”—Alessia Abenson


You’ve heard the advice time and time again: If you're trying to lose weight, you should take in fewer calories. But what some people may not realize is there's such a thing as eating too little for weight loss. "Restricting calories too much almost always backfires," says Lisa Young, Ph.D., R.D., a nutritionist and adjunct professor of nutrition at New York University.


Toxins from our food, air, water, and environment bombard us daily. All of these chemicals must be processed by the body and eliminated safely. Each organ works to eliminate excess waste that's produced by natural metabolic processes, otherwise known as toxins.

The problem is, that detoxification systems can quickly become overwhelmed, causing toxin overload. When this happens, weight gain and lymphatic obstruction are imminent, resulting in obesity, body swelling, diseases, and lymphedema. 

Studies uncover the magnetic approach to detoxification and lymphatic drainage

The study behind using magnets for medicinal purposes stems from the Renaissance period. Magnets possessed living energy, and they would wear a ring, bracelet, or piece of metallic material in fighting disease and infections or to relieve chronic pain. Some studies show that a magnetic field has a direct effect on nerves by inhibiting their ability to chemically transmit electrochemical messages of pain from 1 neuron to the next.

Dr. Christopher Garnder has thought about incorporating this magnetic therapy into a bracelet to improve the convenience and accessibility of the said therapy. He investigated a number of materials and finally found moonstone, the only element that releases a magnetic field and negative ions.

Lunez™ MoonCrystal Healing And Detoxification Bracelet, Your Key to Body Detoxification

"Our recent study has shown the application of magnetic therapy through moonstone element produced a positive effect on all the constituent components of the microcirculatory bloodstream of the patients suffering from lymphedema,” said Dr. Gardner. “

This bracelet contains a minute but quintuple but dominant magnetic system to remarkably diminish swelling on lymph nodes and reduce 60% excess lymph fluid in consistent use for 3 months. It increases the permeability of the cell membrane which facilitates the absorption of tissue fluid into lymph vessels. Therefore, prevent the blockage of the lymphatic system.

Mooncrystal is a beautiful and powerful natural crystal that emits a high vibration that aids in detoxification. It also repels negative energy and effectively cleanses and raises the vibration of any space.

In addition, Moonstone has been found as an alternative approach to re-energize all chakras, encourage inner strength, and restore balance. Mooncrystal also alleviates guilt, nervousness, and irritability in people suffering from diet-related issues, and transforms guilt into impartiality, resulting in increased focus.


WEEK 1: “I have been heavy my whole life and decided that for once in my life I wanted to be one of the crowds instead of the biggest person in the crowd. I want better health. I decided to give it a shot this bracelet.”

WEEK 4: “I have lost 24lbs in 4 weeks upon wearing this. I feel so cleansed and healthy. I feel the improvement in my digestion too…”

WEEK 8: “I feel a completely different person, and I am in so many ways feeling better now. I feel healthy and great. I am stronger than I ever thought I was. I can now run. I can now do push-ups. All thanks to this Lunez™ MoonCrystal bracelet!

What makes Lunez™ your great choice?

  • Body detoxificationThe mooncrystal improves the body’s metabolism while eliminating fat and toxins
  • Effective magnetic therapy - an accessible form of holistic therapy
  • Balanced Hormones - The moon crystal can help balance your hormones which helps you stay healthy. It helps increase libido, loses weight, reduces migraines, and rebalance disrupted menstrual cycles and menopause.
  • Against Addictive Behavior - The moon crystal is used to break vices or addictive behaviors such as overeating that lead to weight loss.
  • Increases Concentration - When the negative aura is kept at bay, the moon crystal can help you focus more on your tasks or goals.
  • Comfort - After a long day at work, the moon crystal helps to induce a state of comfort, which leads to the release of tension and anxiety.
  • Improves Intuition - The moon crystal can help you in life by improving your intuition and decision-making ability.
  • Glow-in-the-dark bracelet


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