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PediCare™ Anti-Fungal Herbal Foot Soak

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PediCare™ Anti-Fungal Herbal Foot Soak

Get a relaxing anti-fungal foot spa at home!

See what people are saying

"Effective for nail fungus. I have had a fungus infection in my great toes for several years.  I am now seeing new growth in the nail bed in 3 weeks' time. Highly suggest ordering a double batch for a complete treatment!" - Kirsten Cyrus

"My husband has toenail fungus, and after trying other treatments, his doctor recommended PediCare™. He's been using it for about two weeks and says his toes feel better and the fungal is gone." - Charice Lincoln

Understanding Nail Fungus

Fungal nail infections, also known as “onychomycosis,” are very common. They may affect up to 14% of the general population. It may cause nails to become discolored, thick, fragile, or cracked. The nail may also become separated from the nail bed.

People who have fungal toenail infections often have a fungal skin infection on the foot, especially between the toes (commonly called athlete’s foot, ringworm on the foot, or tinea pedis).

Who gets fungal nail infections?

Anyone can get a fungal nail infection. Some people may be more likely than others to get a fungal nail infection, including older adults and people who have the following conditions:

  • A nail injury or foot deformity
  • Trauma
  • Diabetes
  • Weakened immune system (for example, because of cancer)
  • Venous insufficiency (poor circulation in the legs) or peripheral arterial disease (narrowed arteries reduce blood flow to the arms or legs)
  • Fungal skin infections on other parts of the body

Nail Fungus Damage? Let PediCare™ Cure It!

PediCare™ Anti-Fungal Herbal Foot Soak is a refreshing and therapeutic foot soak that helps cleanse the skin, feet, and nails while helping to control foot and skin irritations caused by fungus & bacteria. A complete, beneficial hygienic solution.

PediCare™ cleanses the skin's surface of fungus and bacteria, reducing discoloration and thickness while hydrating and exfoliating brittle nails to soften and loosen the damaged layer, revealing smoother, healthier-looking nails!

PediCare™, your DIY foot SPA at home!

Not only do you remove toenail fungus and odor-causing bacteria with each soak, but PediCare™ also softens rough heels and cracked feet for smooth and healthy skin with its natural exfoliating ingredients that peel off the dead skin and increase skin flexibility.

It also alleviates the pain, itchiness, and inflammation associated with most jock itch and ringworm.

Developed by a Podiatrist

"PediCare™ Anti-Fungal Herbal Foot Soak is formulated with 100% plant-based extracts. The unique blend of ginger, saffron, and wormwood keeps feet clean and fresh. It’s a powerful, yet safe formula specially designed to meet the needs of those with at-risk skin as well as those who are tough on their skin." - Dr. Myron Hall of MLK Community Healthcare.

Ginger: it contains antifungal compounds called gingerol and shagelol and anti-inflammatory agents.

Saffron: is rich in medicinal, antibacterial, and pharmacological properties, making it a go-to ingredient for home-based skincare routines. It is also known to be rich in antioxidants and has an antifungal effect.

Wormwood: Reduces discoloration and thickness while it hydrates and exfoliates brittle nails to improve the appearance of nails damaged by onychomycosis.

See Richard W. Atallian's Fungal Healing Journey with PediCare™

Day 1: I had to admit I had nail fungus because I kept getting purplish blotches on my larger toenails and they were becoming weird, ridged, and weak. I had no idea what to do, so I did what we all do and Googled it to see what was available on the web with good reviews and landed on PediCare™.

Day 7: I had little hope for improvement after a month of treatment, but after just a week, the ridging & discoloration is smoothing out and the nails are starting to look normal.

Day 14: So far, the best impulse purchase ever. I was pretty consistent for the first two weeks, doing it every day, and now my toes are white and healthy, with no recurrence. Thank you very much! I wholeheartedly recommend this relaxing spa treatment for fungal infections.

What makes PediCare™ Anti-Fungal Herbal Foot Soak your Great Choice?

  • Helps wash away fungus and bacteria from the surface of the skin
  • Helps soothe itchy, dry, and inflamed skin
  • Remove all dry, cracked & dead skin while softening corns, calluses & rough heels through its exfoliating effect.
  • Cleans and deodorizes reduces odor
  • Helps prevent fungus and bacteria-related infections and recurrence
  • Reduce pain, itchiness & inflammation from most jock itch and ringworm.
  • 100% natural and safe

How to use:

  1. Put one tablet in a basin of 4L 45-50-degree water
  2. Soak your feet for around 15 mins and relax
  3. Use 2-3 times a week or when necessary

Package Includes:

1 set x PediCare™ Anti-Fungal Herbal Foot Soak

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