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SlimTech™ EMS Acupressure Mat

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SlimTech™ EMS Acupressure Mat

While a massage therapist can be prohibitively expensive, SlimTech™ provides an effective and convenient way to relieve leg swelling at home!

Take a look at what our satisfied customers are saying

“I love this ems massager; it really helps with my swollen leg. I wasn't sure about EMS stimulation at first, but after using it for about 2 weeks I have found that my pain has eased and the swelling subsided. And once you get used to it the message can be quite relaxing! I would highly recommend this to anyone who was dealing with cellulite, leg pain, or inflammation.” Jenny Ashton, 28, Anaheim, California
“I purchased this product for some relief. I suffer from swollen feet and legs every now and then. This has several massage modes which are great. EMS therapy is great as it has reduced the swelling of my feet in just a month of continued usage. What's even better is that you can adjust the level of shock therapy. This does wonder and highly recommends the product if your feet are giving you trouble, especially lymphedema" - Maricar Owens, 30, Omaha, Nebraska


Leg swelling caused by the retention of fluid in leg tissues is known as peripheral edema. It can be caused by a problem with the venous circulation system, the lymphatic system.

You can have swelling due to fluid buildup simply from being overweight, fatty acids, being inactive, sitting or standing for a long time,  wearing tight stockings or jeans, or having medical conditions. 


The problem is that, unlike blood, lymph does not have a pump. It relies on the relaxation and the contraction of the muscles and joints to move it. Your lymphatic system can easily become stagnant, especially when it becomes overwhelmed with toxin debris.

Here comes EMS's important role. Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS), also known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NAMES), is the use of electric impulses to elicit muscle contraction. The impulses mimic the action potentials from the central nervous system, causing muscles to contract and improving lymph fluid circulation, thereby removing swelling.

SlimTech™Bioelectric Technology: Strengthened Muscle & Tightened the Skin

With the help of Bioelectric Technology, SlimTech™ EMS Acupressure Mat not only work for releasing daily stress but also improves physical health. The treatment works by sending electronic pulses to the muscle needing treatment, which causes the muscle to
exercise passively. By using the foot mat, the muscle can be tightened, and strengthened, while reducing the visibility of swelling, giving the legs a slim and toned shape.

The massaging action is also clinically proven to boost circulation and blood flow and ease tension. As they are based on reflexology and acupressure practices, SlimTech™ EMS Acupressure Mat helps to alleviate some of the symptoms of this ailment. 

See George's 8-week journey with SlimTech™ EMS Acupressure Mat

My husband had swollen legs for 2 years from medical treatments. I searched for
something that would help him get rid of the swelling in a natural way and luckily found
this SlimTech™ EMS Acupressure Mat!

After almost a month of use, 2 times in the morning, and 2 times in the evening I must say I have one very happy husband. I measured his calf, ankle, top of the foot, and toes 2 times a day and it has slowly produced a miracle reducing his average calf

It has done a great job of getting the fluids moving out of his feet, ankles, and leg and back moving through his body. He's now down to just using them in the evening and his feet, ankles, and leg have returned to looking like they used to! He can now walk without any discomfort!

What makes SlimTech™ EMS Acupressure Mat Your Great Choice?
  • Integrated Acupuncture Therapy & EMS technology
  • Relief for mild, moderate, and severe swelling
  • Improves Legs and Feet Appearance
  • Promotes Healthy Blood flow and Circulation
  • Non-Invasive Treatment
  • Convenient & Easy to Use

How to Use

1. Install the device on the footpad.
2. Place both feet on the foot pad.
3. Set up massage modes and intensity.


  • Dimensions: 29cm x 30cm
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Color: Black
  • Powered by battery (not included)

2/3 x SlimTech™ EMS Acupressure Mat 

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