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V-Tight™ Vagina Tightening & Revitalizing Pads

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V-Tight™ Vagina Tightening & Revitalizing Pads

SEE SATISFIED USERS OF V-Tight™ Vagina Tightening & Revitalizing Pads

I really needed to write this review; I need to recommend it because it worked so great for me. It changed my life. I am 46 and I have 3 kids. I have been married for 22 years and I'm very in love with my hubby, but a couple of years ago I was so sad because whatever I did, I couldn't feel pleasure. I was soooo sad and I started to try supplements for my drive and nothing worked until I tried this product and OMG! My life is complete again! - Agot Harvey

I was somewhat skeptical when I started using this product. I just thought there's no harm in trying. Contrary to my expectations, it does seem to work! After giving birth 4 times, I definitely had some prolapse problems. From a slightly weakened bladder to the feeling when I had my period every month that everything could fall out. I've been using this pad for 4 or 5 weeks and can really say that it works for me personally. When I have my period, I don't get that heavy feeling I had before the V-tight. So for me, it's a keeper! - Janniel Estevan

What causes a loose vagina?

Your vagina is tucked away inside your body, so you can’t see whether you have a loose vagina. However, you may notice certain symptoms which may have a negative impact on your quality of life. The main symptoms of a loose vagina are reduced sexual pleasure, urinary incontinence, & pelvic organ prolapse.

There are a number of things that may cause a loose vagina, including pregnancy and childbirth, age, low estrogen levels, and medical conditions. 

WHAT IS V-Tight™?

You might be wondering, what actually is V-Tight™? V-Tight™  is a specially designed vaginal tightening treatment pad that works within your vagina, reducing pain and tightening the pelvic floor muscles. Overall, the V-Tight™  treatment restores and strengthens the vagina to help improve intimacy and sexual satisfaction reduces incontinence, and overall boosts the health and wellbeing of women.


V-Tight™ has an active natural formulation that passes through the vaginal canal to tighten the area, and also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin within this area, which helps to plump the tissue.

Whilst the pad is then applied externally to the labia majora and surrounding areas to enhance skin structure, helping to improve both the look and feel of the vagina. Overall, this vaginal rejuvenation treatment increases blood flow and sensitivity, as well as helps treat sagging tissues in the labia and vulva.


 It's rich in Beta Glucan, a powerful humectant that promotes collagen synthesis and helps strengthen the skin barrier. Poria Cocos also contains organic acids and proteins for maximum skin cell function, without impacting your skin's natural pH levels.
Mint: Mint leaves can act as a mild astringent that helps in toning the skin naturally. It removes bacteria and revamps the skin to a supple and well-hydrated tone. It will also be beneficial in improving the blood circulation to your private part and will also prevent sagging skin. 
Borneol: Borneol also possesses anti-bacterial properties and, hence, this naturally occurring organic compound is effective for eliminating or inhibiting pathogenic bacteria.
Cnidium: it contains compounds that combat bacterial cells, reduces swelling (inflammation), strengthen bones, decrease itching, and increase sex drive.

  • Anti-bacterial & anti-pruritic
  • Feel more confident in yourself, and increase your self-esteem
  • Increase elastin & collagen within your private area
  • Increased levels of enhanced sexual gratification and intimacy
  • Improve the overall appearance of the vagina
  • No need to worry about urinary leakage
  • Combat signs of aging
  • Non-invasive and non-surgical
  • Immediate, and buildable results
  • Little to no downtime
HOW TO USE V-Tight™?
  • Use it once or twice a week.
  • Recommended use 3 days before and 4 days after the menstrual period

1/2/5/8 Set x V-Tight™ Vagina Tightening & Revitalizing Pads (1=3pcs)

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